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Meet the Running Weatherman:

Alex Liggitt

I’ve run just about every kind of race there is, starting with high school cross country in Northern Virginia (In which Alan Webb beat me by about 3 minutes!). I’ve run all kinds of races ranging from 5k’s and 10k’s, to 10 milers, to half marathons as well as marathons. I’ve run road races, trail races and even in a race that pits news stations against congressmen and the military. I’m even going for my first 50k in March. I actually got into running through soccer as a kid, as I was center midfielder and my coach always told me to “go roam!” I love everything about the sport but the funny part is that’s not even my true love! My passion for weather comes first. It’s something I knew I loved since before I could even run. That’s why I came across an idea for this website while out on a run. I’ve run in every kind of weather and have seen about 80 million different outfits that people wear while working out. It’s my job to help guide you to make the right decision through a solid forecast and outfit recommendation.

I graduated with a degree in Meteorology from North Carolina State University and have been working for ABC 7 in D.C. since 2005. I’ve encountered all kinds of weather forecast situations and will use all of my knowledge to help tailor a specific forecast for your race. If you ever have any comments or questions for me, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or leave a reply below.

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